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Recently i done business with Ryan he is the guy from in starting he was giving fast response and delivering projects properly. After that I trust these guys and invest $560 behind them for my service.

Then he showed his real face after getting money he changed fully he blocked my skype username then I tried in various ways to contact him. But he didn't respond me. Then i created another skype id and given request to him that I want to do business with you he messaged me right away asking upfront and he saying process will start immediately. Later I found these guys are fakers.

Again Don't Trust Ryan he is managing raw data. Don't do any business with him he only care about money nothing else.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #690899

He ripped me off for a few thousand in about 2008. He is a real piece of S#@$.

The people he hired to do the work from my site called me, and said that he owed them a bunch of money.

I told him I would rawnuke him, then he acted like he wanted to sue me. He has mental issues I think.


Ryan Watts is a childish scam artist and deserves a place in a prison cell for the amount of money he has duped people out of. He scams people under many SEO titles like "The Raw Data", "RawNuke" and lately "Small Fry SEO"///

Only, the Piece of *** is nothing but a spam jockey and is on the tops of Google's hitlist for spamming teh search engines with ineffective and fake data.

He submmitted so many duplicate stories to Squidoo and Hubpages that he's had multiple fake personas banned permanently.

Anyone who has to rebrand every year because of the bad press from the last is no one to be trusted.

South Bend, Indiana, United States #636055

Ryan built my site great job very fair price. Paid up front no trouble contacting him at all.

Good natured and kind to a fault.

I trust Ryan, please feel free to contact. Through my web site above.

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